Las Vegas Strip to be Closed to Cars? • This Week in Gambling

Las Vegas Strip to be Closed to Cars? • This Week in Gambling

It sounds absurd to think that the Las Vegas Strip could actually be closed to cars. But believe it or not, it’s already happened once this year. And based on the feedback from tourists and locals, it was pretty cool.

During the NFL Draft, which took place off the Strip behind LINQ in April, The Strip was closed to traffic for three days. While that was obviously a temporary move, county officials say it was met with a mostly positive response.

Now, a state lawmaker has put forth a bill to make the move permanent. If approved, it would close the Las Vegas Strip to vehicles on weekend morning, giving access to pedestrians who want to walk, run, or bike. If that feedback is positive as well, the ban could grow.

If that happens, it’s possible that there will eventually be no cars on the Las Vegas Strip at all. What would that look like? Well, we could see the area become something similar to the Fremont Street Experience, only on a much larger scale, of course.

At this time, county officials will start to collect input from the resort hotels and casinos on the Strip to make sure they support the project.

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