Legal Hurdle over Sports Betting Tender in Paraguay Continues

The National Gaming Commission, the gambling regulatory body in charge of the tendering process that is also known as Conajzar, approved Daruma Sam for the sports betting tender in the country. This enabled the company to continue to provide sports betting services in Paraguay via its Apostala brand. Although Conajzar awarded the tender to Daruma Sam, the bidding process has raised concerns which resulted in an ongoing legal battle.

Earlier this week, Praguay’s Commission of Congress, responding to an appeal, enforced action requiring Conajzar to reveal details regarding the tender process for the sports betting franchise. Other participants in the tender process that did not like the outcome include the B-Gaming and Gambling SA consortium as well as Play Tech Paraguay. The company along with the consortium disagreed with the outcome of the process.

Accusations against Conajzar included unfair competition. Moreover, claims against the gambling authority included deficiencies within the tender process itself which allegedly helped favor only one of the participants. Considering the outcome of the tendering bid, the B-Gaming and Gambling SA consortium was not satisfied with the result and challenged Conajzar requesting further details why their application did not make it. According to the consortium, the answer submitted by the gambling authority was “unsatisfactory.”

“Now it remains to file a civil lawsuit, with the argument that we had already socialized, in the sense that Daruma had not presented the correct documentation and should have been disqualified.“

Néstor Povigna, representative of B-Gaming and Gambling SA consortium

According to Focusgn, after failing to secure the sports betting tender, the B-Gaming and Gambling SA consortium considers an action appeal against Conajzar. A representative for the consortium, Néstor Povigna, explained that the group’s appeals were denied by the gambling regulator and now the remaining option is to file a civil lawsuit.