“Limpegutten” Bulldozes Their Way to PokerStars Sunday Million Victory

“Limpegutten” Bulldozes Their Way to PokerStars Sunday Million Victory

The November 20 edition of the PokerStars Sunday Million played as a progressive knockout and saw 9,779 players fight it out for a share of the $1 million prize pool.

Two members of Team PokerStars bought in but failed to cash or eliminate an opponent before they called it a night. Parker “Tonkaaaa” Talbot and Fintan “easywithaces” Hand both fired two bullets but exited empty-handed.

Although they finished in second place, “zltcmyk” was the tournament’s success story, having won their way into the Sunday Million PKO for only $2.20 before turning that into $59,160! Perhaps you will do the same this week because the Sunday Million remains a PKO event on November 27, and there are a ton of budget satellites running around the clock.

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Sunday Million PKO Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total prize
1 Limpegutten Norway $26,436 $54,434 $80,870
2 zltcmyk Poland $4,733 $54,427 $59,160
3 Kubala07 Poland $3,199 $40,180 $43,379
4 FoNZ87 Canada $5,313 $27,991 $33,304
5 S ESENIN Thailand $5,509 $19,483 $24,992
6 ARHINJO Belarus $6,587 $13,306 $19,893
7 5agittariu5 Czech Republic $1,604 $9,376 $10,980
8 metelindberg Mexico $3,124 $6,655 $9,779
9 gGre1 Brazil $3,205 $4,736 $7,941

“gGre1” of Brazil was the first of the nine finalists to fall by the wayside. With blinds of 1,250,000/2,500,000/325,000a, “ARHINJO” open-shoved on the button with king-six, gGre1 called off their 15,604,174 stack from the small blind with pocket sevens, and “S ESENIN” called all-in with their ace-ten of hearts in the big blind. “S ESENIN” caught a ten on the river, and the 105 million chip pot slid their way, while “gGre1” busted.

Mexico’s “metelindberg” joined gGre1 on the rail after a clash with “zltcmyk” did not go to plan. “zltcmyk” limped in with pocket eights for 2,500,000 before calling the 22,87,015 shove from “metelindberg”, which they made with ace-jack of spades. A king-high board was no help to “metelindberg” and they bowed out in eighth place.

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The remaining players were now guaranteed a five-figure prize when including bounties. “5agittariu5” was the first grinder to capture such a sum. “5agittariu5” can probably consider themselves unlucky with how they busted. “S ESENIN” min-raised to 6,000,000 in middle position but folded after seeing “5agittariu5” three-bet all-in for 39,207,493, and “Kubala07” re-shove for a shade over 64 million chips. It was pocket eights for “5agittariu5” and a pair of queens in the hole for “Kubala07.” The ladies melted the snowmen, and “5agittariu5” headed to the rail with $10,980 to show for their efforts.

The final six became five when “ARHINJO” ran out of steam. They were involved in a family pot with three opponents, holding top pair on a nine-high board, but with less than half a pot-sized bet in their stack. Of course, those chips went into the middle, but “FoNZ87” was sat there having flopped a set of sevens, and they made one of the easier calls of their career. Game over for “ARHINJO.”

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Thailand’s “S ESENIN” held a substantial chip lead when five-handed play began, yet they were the next player on the bust-out list. First, they lost more than half of their stack after turning two pair and running into the flush of “zltcmyk.” They somehow recovered and became the chip leader again, but their rollercoaster ended at the hands of “Limpegutten.” From the small blind, “Limpegutten” open-shoved for 12 big blinds effective, and “S ESENIN” called all-in with ace-five of diamonds. “Limpegutten” showed king-eight, flopped an eight, and reduced the player count by one.

It took less than ten minutes for the final four hopefuls to be reduced to the champion. “FoNZ87” bowed out on fourth when their king-queen lost a coinflip against the pocket nines of “Limpegutten,” before “Kubala07” crashed out a couple of hands later with ace-king versus the king-jack of “Limpegutten” courtesy of a jack on the turn.

Heads-up did not last long thanks to “Limpegutten” holding more than 407 million chips to the 71 million of “zltcmyk.” After a few hands, “zltcmyk” decided to move all-in for 9.5 big blinds with only five-two offsuit, and “Limpegutten” snap-called with ace-four. Ace-high would have been enough to win the pot and the tournament, but “Limpegutten” paired their ace on the river to make sure.

“Limpegutten” collected $80,870 for their victory, while “zltcmyk” banked $59,160, which is a superb result considering the runner-up won their $109 Sunday Million seat via a $2.20 satellite!