Losing  Million in Crypto Sends “Wes Side” Wesley to Poker Table

Losing $20 Million in Crypto Sends “Wes Side” Wesley to Poker Table

27 Nov

The downturn in cryptocurrency’s market cap as of late has plenty of investors feeling anxious and unnerved.

Combine that with the recent debacle at FTX and its enough to make people look for other avenues at which to make some money. One such avenue, of course, is the high stakes poker table.

That’s where you’ll find crypto trader and founder of IDC Financial, “Wes Side” Wesley Flan. A regular on the Hustler Casino Live stream, Wesley has apparently taken to the sidelines in the crypto world in favor of making his mark in the realm of poker.

It’s a decision that seems timely, to say the least, considering that Wesley claims to have lost $20 million in crypto investments in 2021. But he did have the enviable forethought of unloading most of his bitcoin while the price was still above $50,000, according to a recent Twitter post.

Followers of Wesley number over 40,000 and many hang on his every word when it comes to crypto investments. Comments to that tweet were rife with questions about when the proper time to get back into the crypto game might be.

An answer to those commenters from the HCL reg and cryptocurrency wizard has yet to come. It’s likely still time to “mostly chill and watch others burn,” a comment that seems to have rubbed some people the wrong way:

In any event, BTC has been hovering in the $16K range for awhile now. For those that haven’t crashed and burned, a tweet from Wesley earlier this month did give an indication on where he believes the bottom could be.

Of course, it’s not to be construed as financial advice, but keep it in mind if buying the dip is your thing.

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