Low6 Powers Sportsbooks with March Madness Bracket Games

Low6, an award-winning B2B freeplay provider in North America, announced that it has had a record-breaking week thanks to the launch of multiple March Madness bracket games. The supplier has penned March Madness-oriented agreements with multiple operators and affiliates.

Low6 said that its whitelabel gamification portfolio has been customized to suit the needs of many sports betting operators, helping them to capitalize on one of the biggest annual events in North American basketball.

March Madness is the biggest college basketball tournament and attracts millions of sports fans every year. Bracket-based games, such as the ones provided by Low6, boost the engagement of players, helping them immerse themselves in the action.

As prediction games continue to grow in popularity, more and more iGaming operators seek to spice their portfolios up with such offerings. Low6’s take on brackets is effective and its games offer seamless integrations. In addition, the company provides a variety of turnkey solutions, customized logos, in-game advertising solutions and CRM communications.

Because of that, the provider’s bracket games are enjoyed by sports aficionados of all ages and genders.

Clutchbet Is One of Many Satisfied Customers

Low6 shared that one of its most influential sportsbook partners this year is Clutchbet. The latter company is happy to join forces with the provider, which was expressed by its marketing manager Gerard Laws who addressed the deal.

Laws explained that March Madness is a key event in the American sporting calendar and an important opportunity for customer acquisition. He is delighted to be able to enhance Clutchbet’s portfolio with Low6’s proven free-to-play Bracket games.

By adding private leagues to the Bracket, we expect even more players will participate as they challenge their friends to see who can go furthest in the tournament.

Gerard Laws, marketing manager, Clutchbet

Meanwhile, Jamie Mitchell, Low6’s chief executive officer, addressed the high interest in his company’s bracket names. He said that the Low6 team is delighted to equip so many sportsbooks with exciting new digital assets that help them drive engagement, player acquisition and retention.

Mitchell is glad that some of his company’s long-term partners once again sought its services.

I’m also proud to see many repeat clients working with us again as we strategize out a full sporting calendar where they can use the same whitelabel bracket and apply to a full mix of upcoming events.

Jamie Mitchell, CEO, Low6

Low6 will also offer brackets for the NBA and NHL Playoffs in April and is also looking forward to launching a golf bracket game for the Augusta Masters.