Man Convicted of Robbing Five London Bookmakers with Fake Walking Stick Shotgun

Man Convicted of Robbing Five London Bookmakers with Fake Walking Stick Shotgun

26 Aug

A man has been convicted of robbing five bookmakers across London with a walking stick made to look like a shotgun. Brett Mullan, 50, of Gravesend, collapsed the stick into a plastic bag in a manner to make it look like a sawn-off shotgun and scared staff into handing over £2,780 over the course of the robberies.

Mullan was jailed for 10 years at Snaresbrook Crown Court earlier this month after the Metropolitan Police’s Flying Squad tracked him down using CCTV from the railway network.

The criminal slipped up when he gave his real name to a train inspector on his way to the second robbery in Burnt Ash Road on 13 April, 2022. Police were able to work out that Mullan was travelling to all the robberies by rail and soon pieced together all the evidence they needed.

Bookmakers in Lee, Norwood, Sutton and Crayford were all robbed between Monday 4 April and Sunday 24 April and Mullan was caught on camera at the right time for the lot. He was arrested on April 25 and later pleaded guilty to five counts of robbery and five counts of possession of an imitation firearm.

Detective Constable Carl Stallabras, from the Met’s Flying Squad, said: 

“Mullan terrified members of the public and staff at the bookmakers who were going about their normal lives when he demanded cash and made threats of serious violence. Those people feared for their lives. But a simple mistake on his way to the second offence was all we needed to track him down, and from there the wealth of evidence we obtained left him no choice but to plead guilty.”

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