Men’s Summer Fashion Essentials for the Races

Men’s Summer Fashion Essentials for the Races

The summer racing season is finally upon us! As the weather warms, the action is heating up at the nation’s tracks—places like Saratoga, Del Mar, Delaware Park, Monmouth Park, and Woodbine. Guys, if you’re planning on heading to the races this summer, there are some essentials that will help make a stylish entrance at some of America’s favorite racing destinations. We’ve got them all below and, trust us, you won’t want to miss out on these in-style racetrack threads.

1. The Perfect Sunglasses

Let’s start with some sunglasses. This year’s trends very much depend on your activity of choice. A modern Wayfarer, with its lightweight, durable design may be the perfect pair for weekend warriors ready to hit the races. Regardless, you can work any quality shades into your racing look—classic aviators, polarized, or anything in between (say, horn-rims with a wire detail at the brow). No matter what you pick, just be sure to have them with you at the races to keep your eyes protected as you’re searching for your next winning horse.

2. An Actual Sports Coat

Sports coats were originally named such as they were made as a casual jacket for watching outdoor sports. Honor the tradition in warmer months by choosing a version in a lightweight material so you don’t get overheated. Fabrics like linen and seersucker are your friends; or just opt for anything that says “lightweight” in the description. Plus, the beauty of a sports coat? The ability to take it off when races heat up and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves for that exacta bet.

3. Top It Up

A hat can serve double duty in the summer: not only does it elevate your racing look, but you’ll also be able to avoid a dreaded sunburn during a long day at the track. Hats are a staple of the horse racing sport, and even the guys can get in on the fun. Whether you prefer a trilby, a fedora, or a panama, go for a straw hat to keep you cool as well as block the sun.

4. Tie One On

A good tie is essential for the races, whether you like the classic shape or prefer a bow tie. Single windsor knot, double, it’s all a matter of preference, but our only recommendation would be to pick something in a bright color for your summer racing ensemble. The right tie can serve as the perfect accent piece for your outfit and add a touch of formality, if the racetrack has a more strict dress code. Don’t be afraid to find something a little out there, even horse-themed. You’d be surprised what kind of eccentric looks you’ll see at the track, but it’s all in the name of celebrating our sport. 

The most important thing to remember when you’re dressing for a day at the track is to be comfortable and cheery. A day at the summer races is all about the atmosphere and the right attire can make you feel even more a part of the racing culture and take your track-day experience to the next level. No matter what pieces you end up picking,  just make sure that you have some deep pockets in case you cash a huge ticket!