Michigan Interstate Poker Goes Live • This Week in Gambling

Michigan Interstate Poker Goes Live • This Week in Gambling

Last month we told you that Michigan Interstate poker could become a reality as the state set their sights on growth. They sought to become part of a larger poker compact that already exists between Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. And now, just a few weeks later, they have done exactly what they set out to do.

Poker games across state borders are officially live in Michigan, and players there can sit down at the virtual tables with players from these other states. By joining the compact, the Michigan Gaming Control Board stated that the state “…will almost double the potential pool of participants in multi-state poker games.”

But having Michigan Interstate poker live is about much more than just one state. While the benefits of poker compacts include bigger tournaments, larger prizes pools, and more cash games running, there is still the even bigger picture of how they affect the growth of online poker in America.

The benefits of multi-state poker compacts means that online poker is not just restricted to those states with large populations. Compacts mean that even the small states can have access to large player pools and 24 hour poker action. This means that, from an economic standpoint, regulating the activity can make since for states with smaller populations.

Watching the growth of the compact with the launch of Michigan Interstate poker is exciting for the industry. Not only could it show smaller states the path to regulation, but demonstrate that web based poker games can be yet another revenue source for governments. Online poker in Michigan launched just last year.