Most Overrated and Underrated College Football Team in 2022

The season officially starts in ten days from now and already we are trying to figure out which team is most overrated and which is most underrated. The folks here at SBA have combed through the data on all teams have written plenty of predictions. We have a clear cut team in mind for both categories, overrated and underrated.

The AP preseason top 25 was released a few days ago. We will use these rankings to base our most overrated and most underrated team on. First let’s take a look at the most underrated team. Click here to see screen grab of the preseason top 25 (8-7-22).

Underrated Team Winner

In our mind N.C. State has all the fixins to be a conference champion this year. And winning one of the major conference championships all but guarantees an entry into the NCAA Football Playoff Series. NC State is ranked #13 in the preseason poll. Yes, #13 is a decent spot but this is most definitely a top ten (and possibly a top five) team.

19 starters from last year’s 9-3 team are back including the skill positions. Most importantly QB Devin Leary is back. The kid is a winner. All the pieces are in place and there are only two teams that can stop NC State from making the playoffs: 1) Clemson 2) Themselves.

If Clemson wins out and defeats State on October 1st, the Pack won’t be in the ACC championship game and then most likely will miss the playoffs. But at+15,000 betting odds at top rated sportsbooks, State is a very enticing bet from where we stand.

Honorable Mention:

BYU Cougars – This BYU team is ranked #25 in the preseason poll. We can see this team losing only one or two games max this year and along the way they will beat some solid ranked teams. This will have them finishing in the top 10 or 15 for sure. At +50,000 odds, why the heck not throw a hundo on them and root your heart out for the Cougars!?


Overrated Team Winner

HC Marcus Freeman is 0-1 as a head coach.

Notre Dame is the by far the most overrated team this preseason. They are currently listed #5 in the ranking but right off the bat are two TD underdogs at Ohio State. They have so many question marks including:

1) Unproven new head coach with one game under his belt.

2) Untested/unproven QB.

3) Bad defensive secondary (46th in 2021).

4) Tough schedule.

We look for this team to lose about 5 games this season, making them nowhere near good enough to be ranked #5. They will fall from favor fast and all the talking heads will be surprised, but they shouldn’t be.  We won’t be.