NBC Sports and SportsDataIO Partner for Data-Plus-News Feed 

NBC Sports and SportsDataIO Partner for Data-Plus-News Feed 

Sports media company that offers premier live events, original programs and studio shows dedicated to sports fans NBC Sports has sealed a deal with leading sports data company SportsDataIO. The new and exclusive agreement will lead to the creation of a fully integrated “data-plus-news feed.” This means that, for the first time in history, third parties will be able to access player news part of NBC Sports’ Rotoworld product, which will turn into an important part of the SportsDataIO “Players’ Feed.” 

The Birth of an Instant Market-Leading Product 

SportsDataIO’s president Dustin Sullivan spoke about the company being chosen as NBC Sports’ exclusive distribution partner. He explained that the fact that they will be responsible for distributing their “best-in-class player news” will allow them to effectively complete their Players’ Feed product with important news on rosters, lineups, or injuries. This will, in turn, trigger an “instant market-leading product bundle.” SportsDataIO has a decade and a half of experience under its belt and a prestigious Best Data product award from the SBC added to its record. Over the years, the Philadelphia-based company managed to grow into a leading sports data company for gaming, media, and fantasy sports industries by offering access to predictive engines, data application programming interfaces, and data visualizations. The company currently offers its services to over 300 international clients.

NBC Sports Showing More Interest in Betting Content 

In the past few months, NBC Sports successfully included more wagering-based content in its offerings, while improving its coverage for sports betting events. Last month, NBC Sports welcomed PointsBet veteran Jay Croucher as its new full-time betting analyst. Croucher was chosen to provide valuable tips and advice on all things related to sports betting. During the same month, NBC Sports decided to replace PointsBet with BetMGM for its data and statistics integration needs. 

According to NBC Sports Edge and Rotoworld’s senior director for betting and gaming content Ed Williams, the new deal would help NBC Sports create a 360-degree content offering that would span betting, media, and fantasy. Ultimately, together with Rotoworld’s player news, SportsDataIO’s player data would help create “a valuable and winning combination” that would be much appreciated in the industry. SportsDataIO’s in-house expertise for data feeds and highly-praised Real-Time Data Products are two of the reasons why many prestigious brands decided to choose the company in the past. Now, the fresh NBC Sports partnership is expected to create an even more appealing one-stop-shop experience for all SportsDataIO’s customers.