Nearly 47 Million Americans to Bet on NFL Games

Nearly 47 Million Americans to Bet on NFL Games

September is here, and with Fall on the horizon it must be time for football. And this year, more Americans that ever will bet on NFL games, according to our friends at the American Gaming Association. They sampled Americans across the country about their betting plans for the upcoming season.

Research from the AGA shows that 46.6 million adults in this country plan to make at least one wager on a game this year, which is up a modest 3% from last year. But growth is growth. And as more people become accustomed to gambling on mobile apps, that number should continue to grow.

In fact, about 23 million people in the US will place an online bet for an NFL game this season, and that’s a jump of nearly 20%. Compare that to bets placed at sports books in person, which is almost 11 million people, and you see that jump was only 2% from the year before.

There are now 36 states with legal sports betting, meaning that over half the country can now make a bet on a game through legal sources. And consider that in states with no legal way to place a bet on NFL games, the use of illegal “bookies” is 50% higher.

AGA President Bill Miller recently stated that “The sustained interest in NFL wagering reflects the growth and continued maturation of legal sports betting across the country. Consumers clearly want legal sports betting options and understand the regulated industry’s foundational commitments to responsibility.”

Mr. Miller added that responsible gaming is underpinning the regulated sports betting market in America. Over 80% of US sports bettors believe that programs for responsible gaming are effective, and that the gaming industry is committed to responsible gaming.