Netherlands’ KSA Publishes iGaming Market Report for the Fall

Netherlands’ KSA Publishes iGaming Market Report for the Fall

The Netherlands Gambling Authority (KSA) has published its fresh fall monitoring report for the iGaming industry in the country. The report has revealed a series of interesting things about the number of players that currently opt for licensed operators in the country, the market’s gross gaming revenue (GGR) for the first quarter, the average monthly loss per player account, and more. Without further ado, here are the main highlights of the report.  

According to data from the KSA, more than eight out of 10 players in the country choose to only wager at legal and licensed operators. The market will celebrate its one-year anniversary at the head of October, making these numbers even more important. At the same time, the Netherlands currently counts 22 licensed gaming operators. Ten days after its launch last year, the legal iGaming market was only fueled by ten operators that had obtained their licenses. One of the freshest operators to obtain a license from the KSA is Smart Gaming. Nonetheless, the same report mentions the fact that while the number of legal operators has more than doubled over the course of the past year, the gradual increase in this number of licenses did not also trigger an increase in the GGR. 

Slightly Fluctuating GGR for the First Quarter

During the first half of the current year, the Dutch iGaming market recorded a few minor fluctuations between €90 million ($87.8 million) in January and €75 million ($73.2 million) during February and March. As for July, the official GGR figure reached €86 million ($83.9 million). The report indicated a total GGR of €240 million ($233.9 million) for the first quarter and €246 million ($240.1 million) for the second quarter. Since the beginning of the year, the monthly GGR rate was rather stable, averaging €81.4 million ($79.4 million) per month.

€153 ($149) Average Loss Per Player 

At the moment, there are no official numbers regarding the exact number of Dutch players opting for legal gambling providers in the Netherlands, given the chance that a single player may have opened several accounts with different gaming providers. As of July 2022, the KSA recorded 563,000 active player accounts. The average loss per player account reached €153 ($149) per month.

23,000 Dutch Players Part of the Exclusion Register

On the same official date when the iGaming market became legal in the country, the Dutch exclusion register for games of chance (Cruks) was also launched. At the moment, the register has a database that counts more than 23,000 people. All registered players are forbidden to play games of chance for a minimum of six months. Whenever a player attempts to join a legal operator and play a game of chance, the provider must verify if the player is registered in the Cruks.