New Film “Poker Face” Starring Russell Crowe Opens in November

New Film “Poker Face” Starring Russell Crowe Opens in November

18 Oct

Poker fans clamoring for a movie that can equal the suspense and story line that’s tied in with exciting poker action comparable to that of “Rounders” will likely be disappointed by the new film “Poker Face” set for release next month.

Don’t get me wrong, “Poker Face” starring Russell Crowe may very well be a thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. However, filmgoers expecting a movie centered around poker based on the title may want to look elsewhere for poker-related entertainment.

Early reviews indicate that the film employs a game of high stakes poker as a backdrop, but an intrusion by armed invaders takes center stage. Included in the plot is the fact that all the players at the table are childhood friends of tech billionaire Jake Foley (Crowe), who has planned a scheme in which each must reveal certain secrets.

In addition to co-writing and starring in the film, the 58-year-old Crowe directed “Poker Face.” Liam Hemsworth, Jacqueline McKenzie, Matt Nable, Daniel MacPherson and Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA star alongside the Oscar winner.

Of special note to poker fans is that Lynn Gilmartin, the former World Poker Tour hostess, also has a key role in the film. As of 2020, Gilmartin is a proud member of the Australian Poker Hall of Fame, inducted for her contributions in poker broadcasting – before the bright lights of Hollywood beckoned.

“Poker Face” hits the big screen on Nov. 16, followed by On Demand on Nov. 22. Check out the trailer below:

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