New NBA App Features Sports Betting Content

A new NBA app has rolled out, and it’s something that would have never been imagined just a few years ago. Build with their partners at Microsoft, this new app has a similar look, feel, and functionality of TikTok. But that’s not what all the buzz is about.

This new app not only follows every game with personalized content, it actually embraces sports betting. Do you need to go back and read that again? It wasn’t all that long ago that professional sports leagues, like the NBA, were using every tool at their disposal to fight the expansion of betting on sports. And now this?

The NBA app doesn’t just mention sports wagers, it actually focuses on sports betting content. The social-style program is a joint venture with Turner Sports, and links fans to NBA League pass and NBA Pick’Em. It provides quick and easy access to videos, products, Gameday Experiences, and the weekly “CrunchTime” show.

Now, before you get too excited, this is not a gambling app. No betting will take place on the app at all. That’s still between individual players and their respective jurisdictions. However, the app will link up with NBABet stream, a weekly program that provides sports betting information.

The League clearly wants the new app to become the online flagship hub for their fans. NBA Executive Vice President, Chris Benyarko, said: “We are thrilled to deliver a re-imagined product that will enhance and personalize the way NBA fans engage with the league on a daily basis.”

Of course, for those players out there who are only interested in the games (and not so much in sports betting) the NBA app does provide an option for players to turn off any gambling related content. So hopefully, everyone will be happy.