New Slots To Play and Have Fun

This post is syndicated by the Las Vegas Advisor for the 888 casino group. Anthony Curtis comments on the 888 article introduced and linked to on this page.

A.C. says: Despite the fact that slots are the most-played gambling game in American casinos, we don’t talk a lot about them. The reason is simple: With few exceptions, slots aren’t beatable and at LVA, we concentrate on the beatable games. But because slot revenues are such a big portion of the casino-revenue pie, the competition to create new games is fierce and lots of intriguing themes and innovative pay components hit the market every year. In this article, one of the top gambling writers out there, John Grochowski, describes five of this year’s new offerings. The article was written fresh off the most recent G2E conference, so these games are just making their way onto casino floors. Return percentages and related mathematical considerations aren’t addressed – again, keep in mind that these are negative-expectation games – but the descriptions provide insight into the experience that each game offers and, more important, give prospective players a head start on understanding what they’re rooting for once the wheels start spinning (the learning curve on the more complicated slots can be steep). Speaking of the competition among game developers, note that a different manufacturer is behind each of the five slots featured.

New Slots To Play and Have Fun

This article was written by John Grochowski in association with 888Casino.

Other games may draw larger wagers, but slot machines attract more players than any other game in the casino. That’s especially true in the United States, where slots have topped play in live casinos for decades. Online, slots are a wide-ranging phenomenon.

To make sure they get their share of players, slot manufacturers have to keep on top of innovations. They constantly bring out new bonuses and ways to play to keep players coming out for more.

Hundreds of new games are introduced every year. Online casinos, not constrained by physical space, can give players more options than the most dedicated players can even imagine. The following are three of the most attractive games that have started making their way into online play.

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