New York Online Gambling & Poker • This Week in Gambling

New York Online Gambling & Poker • This Week in Gambling

Many people are wondering when New York online gambling and poker will become a reality. And while neither will happen anytime soon, the wheels are now in motion! New legislation is circulating to make New York online poker and casino games a reality! And if you love what they did with mobile sports betting, you won’t be disappointed with their online casino efforts!

Top of the morning to all my gambling friends out there! Time to stream another edition of This Week in Gambling! And just in time for St Patrick’s Day, we’ve got online gambling news out of New York State that’ll make you ask: What are those guys drinking? This week’s big story finds that New York online gambling games and online poker are now on the state’s radar. And why not? After all, sports betting expansion there brought in nearly a billion dollars for the state last year! So, if a little gambling expansion is good… then a lot of gambling expansion must be really freaking good!

State Senator Joseph Addabbo, yes the same gentleman who pushed forward the sports betting legislation, is now pushing forward the New York online gambling legislation. But, before you get too excited you should know there’s a catch. Because there’s always a catch. Yes, just like with his sports betting bill and it’s ridiculous 51% tax rate. Mr. Addabbo new online gambling bill wants operators to pay over 30% percent in taxes… every year…  just for the privilege of doing business in his State!

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago I told you that both DraftKings and FanDuel had warned New York about their  51% tax rate, Calling it “unsustainable” and telling them that if it was not lowered to something more realistic, both they and other operators could leave the New York Market. That warning does not seem to have phased Mr Addabbo! Not one little bit! Now, the bill is not expected to pass this year  because these things take a while. So, I suppose there is time for them to lower the tax rate. But we probably have a better shot at World Peace.

While we wait for either one or the other to happen, our friends at Casino City have their March Madness previews for both the men’s and women’s top 10 teams in this year’s tournament. So, if you’d like to educate yourself a bit before making your bets or filling out your brackets, be sure you visit their site!

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