NFL and Genius Sports to Offer Live Watch & Bet Streaming Via Caesars

In Summary:

  • The National Football League and Genius Sports have agreed to expand their partnership to provide Watch & Bet live streaming
  • The streaming will be initiated by Caesars Entertainment, the first Official Casino Sponsor of the NFL
  • Caesars will be the pioneer sportsbook to offer live streams via its app for mobile devices

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At the start of the month, BET99 announced it would begin the live streaming of all National Football League (NFL) games for the Canadian public with the help of a Genius Sports license. Bet365 and Rivalry are two other sportsbooks that Genius Sports granted the same distribution rights for low-latency video feeds focused on NFL games for the Canadian market.

Now, the NFL’s exclusive distributor for live video streams and data has announced it would extend its current agreement with NFL to offer Watch & Bet video streaming options to cover the 2022 season for the US audience. The live NFL streams will be initiated by Caesars Entertainment which will, this way, turn into the pioneer sportsbook in the US to stream live NFL Watch & Bet videos on mobile devices. The partnership expansion will cover select NFL games using other major sports betting platforms and operators while covering regular and post-season games streamed throughout the week.

Watch & Bet Bringing “the Best That the NFL Has to Offer”

According to Caesars Digital’s president Eric Hession, the Watch & Bet video streaming solution is expected to attract “the best that the NFL has to offer” into the Caesars Sportsbook app. Hession explained that being able to deliver such innovative technology will remain a critical element for them, stating that becoming the first sportsbook in the US to offer in-app NFL live streaming is not something that the company will take lightly. The president also expressed their gratitude for being able to attract an “industry-leading new feature” to their sports betting app via the NFL and Genius Sports partnership.

NFL’s vice president for media strategy and business development Brent Lawton also took the opportunity to express their excitement for providing fans with a fresh method of experiencing and engaging with NFL content. Lawton called Watch & Bet “an innovative step forward” in their partnerships with Caesars Entertainment and Genius Sports.

Ready to Deliver the Most Compelling Experience Across the US

Genius PSorts’ chief executive officer Mark Locke spoke about the partnership expansion with NFL and Caesars Entertainment, speaking about their one-of-a-kind solution mixing live video streaming with exclusive official NFL data with the purpose of offering the most compelling sports betting experience in the US. Locke added that Genius Sports would keep going “from strength to strength” thanks to their innovative products that allow their customers to expand their product offering and boost their market share across the North American continent.

In November, Genius Sports published its Q3 results, signaling revenue growth triggered by its successful strategy.