NFL ATS Standings for 2021 –

NFL ATS Standings for 2021 –

June 2, 2022

ARLINGTON, TEXAS – OCTOBER 11: Dak Prescott #4 of the Dallas Cowboys attempts a pass against the New York Giants during the second quarter at AT&T Stadium on October 11, 2020 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

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On this page we will be featuring the finals records against the spread for the 2021 NFL season. The standings will reflect the straight up records as well. These records are useful when handicapping games in the years immediately following as well as when mining historical data.

We will also be including some short observational notes about the records of the best and worst teams ATS as well.

Team ATS Record Cover % Straight Up
Dallas 13-5-0 72.2% 12-6
Cincinnati 14-7-0 66.7% 13-8
Green Bay 12-6-0 66.7% 13-5
Detroit 11-6-0 64.7% 3-13-1
San Francisco 12-8-0 60.0% 12-8
Buffalo 10-7-2 58.8% 12-7
Indianapolis 10-7-0 58.8% 9-8
Miami 9-7-1 56.3% 9-8
Arizona 10-8-0 55.6% 11-7
New England 10-8-0 55.6% 10-8
Tennessee 10-8-0 55.6% 12-6
New Orleans 9-8-0 52.9% 9-8
Minnesota 9-8-0 52.9% 8-9
Seattle 9-8-0 52.9% 7-10
Tampa Bay 10-9-0 52.6% 14-5
Kansas City 10-10-0 50.0% 14-6
LA Rams 10-11-0 47.6% 16-5
Denver 8-9-0 47.1% 7-10
Philadelphia 8-9-1 47.1% 9-9
Baltimore 8-9-0 47.1% 8-9
Houston 8-9-0 47.1% 4-13
LA Chargers 8-9-0 47.1% 9-8
Las Vegas 8-10-0 44.4% 10-8
Pittsburgh 8-10-0 44.4% 9-8-1
Washington 7-9-1 43.8% 7-10
Cleveland 7-10-0 41.2% 8-9
Atlanta 6-10-1 37.5% 7-10
NY Jets 6-11-0 35.3% 4-13
NY Giants 6-11-0 35.3% 4-13
Chicago 6-11-0 35.3% 6-11
Jacksonville 5-12-0 29.4% 3-14
Carolina 5-12-0 29.4% 5-12

The Best Point Spread Covering Teams

Dallas Cowboys

It didn’t seem like the Cowboys covered a great deal as the season was unfolding but it turns out they were the best team against the spread for 2021. The Boys had a great season overall but came apart in the playoffs which seems to be their M.O.

Cincinnati Bengals

Oddsmakers weren’t too sure how the Bengals would play in 2021 with star QB Joe Burrow coming back from a severe injury. Well, he came out and balled all season and this led the the Bengals to the playoffs and covering 2/3 of all their games.

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers made mincemeat of inferior teams in 2021. They would simply open the throttles early and keep them open all game. This and the fact that the defense was scoring TD’s as well made for a point spread covering machine in Wisconsin.

Detroit Lions

The Lions were bad in 2021. There is no arguing that. But they made a habit of coming back and covering games in 2021. QB Jared Goff is a die hard football player that wants to win games. He can really sling the rock. This is a combo which is usually good for a Lions backdoor cover.


The Worst Point Spread Covering Teams of 2021

New York Teams

Both the Giants and the Jets had abysmal seasons. Both teams were 4-13 straight up and just 6-11 ATS. They are both in “rebuilding seasons” though the Giants are supposed to be further along than the Jets as their starting QB Daniel Jones played in his third season whereas the Jets QB was a rookie.

Chicago Bears

The Bears also started a rookie at QB in Justin Fields and let some of their major pieces get away in the 2021 offseason. This is a full rebuild and it won’t be pretty.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Yet another rookie QB rebuild. The Jags have seemingly been in rebuild mode forever. Can they finally put some pieces together and sniff a winning record in 2022? Probably not.

Carolina Panthers

Yikes. Sam Darnold is the Jets castoff QB from 2020. He and should-be retired Cam Newton piloted the hapless Panthers to the worst ATS record in the league in 2021(tied with Jax at 5-12).