NFL Betting: Power Rankings Following Week 9

Just when we thought we had the NFL figured out, Week 9 happened! With numerous upsets and some shocking results, we had to rethink some of our theories.

With half of the first-place teams losing on Sunday, there has been a shakeup among the top teams. Here are our top teams in this week’s NFL Power Rankings so you can continue making your bets against the NFL odds.

Power Rankings Betting Predictions for NFL Week 10

1. Arizona Cardinals

After the Cardinals disposed of the San Francisco 49ers and ended the day with an 8-1 record, they now occupy the top spot in our power rankings. And to think that they dominated the Niners without Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins, and they lost Chase Edmonds for most of the game.

If their defense can continue to play well, and the offense can get healthy, this team can win a Super Bowl.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay had a bye last week, but they’re still the second-best team in our minds. Unless Tom Brady or one of their significant offensive weapons goes down, we think that the Buccaneers will make a long playoff run.

3. Tennessee Titans

When Derrick Henry went down, many thought that the Titans would go down with him. The Titans proved that they were for real as they beat the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday night.

They now own victories over the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, and the Rams. If their defense can hold up, the Titans can be a force. And don’t forget that they could get Henry back in a few weeks.

4. Los Angeles Rams

Even though the Rams lost to Tennessee last night, we still think that the Rams will be around at the end. Matthew Stafford struggled against Tennessee, and the Rams defense wasn’t as good as they had been.

They had been playing some lesser competition over the past few games, so they may not have been ready for the Titans.

5. Green Bay Packers

Yesterday’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs showed Aaron Rodgers’s importance to the Green Bay offense. The Green Bay running game was good, but Jordan Love just couldn’t get things going.

On the other side of the ball, the defense limited Patrick Mahomes to less than 200 yards passing, so the Packer faithful should be happy about that. Once Rodgers returns, the Packers should remain as one of the league’s top squads.

6. Baltimore Ravens

Although many have tried, it’s getting harder and harder to contain Lamar Jackson. After a slow start against the Vikings, Jackson and the offense took over, and the Ravens won on a late Justin Tucker field goal in overtime. When Jackson is at the helm, he brings a different dimension to the offense that defenses just can’t find the answer for. 

7. Dallas Cowboys

While many thought that the Cowboys were paying Dak Prescott too much, it’s obvious to see that when he plays poorly that the Cowboys will have a hard time winning.

He didn’t play well yesterday, and because of that, the Dallas offense came to a screeching halt. He’ll recover, and Dallas will return to fight another day.

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