NHS Implements Disease Prevention Programs for Bettors in Shops

NHS Implements Disease Prevention Programs for Bettors in Shops

In Summary:

  • English betting shops will offer blood pressure checks, diabetes and weight management support according to a fresh National Health System scheme
  • 42 integrated care systems will open starting today, July 1
  • Mental health support could also be offered to children in general practitioners’ surgeries

Image Source: Unsplash.com

UK’s National Health System (NHS) has worked on a series of health prevention solutions for sports aficionados in betting shops. According to the new NHS scheme, patients in a number of selected parts of England will receive blood pressure checks along with weight management and diabetes support from complex teams made of general practitioners, local hospitals, and local authorities. Children at risk of gambling addiction may also receive support from mental health staff available in general practice surgeries.

The Decision Aims to Improve the Health of Local Communities 

NHS’ scheme has been created to improve the overall health parameters of local communities in the UK. This would be accomplished through a series of important prevention measures implemented by 42 integrated care systems. Each of them would bring together large teams of specialists and partners that would be responsible for providing medical services in their dedicated regions. 

NHS England’s chief executive Amanda Pritchard explained the new changes were aimed at cutting “red tape” which would, in turn, bring money back into taxpayers’ pockets. The 42 integrated care systems will start functioning on July 1, with the “power to truly transform the way” the NHS cares for people located anywhere in the UK. Pritchard further explained the new care systems would not only provide solutions for people who are unwell or who have suffered an accident but also help patients manage their existing health conditions. This would help the NHS “catch more killer conditions earlier” and thus save more lives. 

Blood Pressure, Weight Management, and Diabetes Support

The freshly implemented care systems are currently aimed at checking the blood pressure of people visiting betting shops. The main goal here is to discover hypertension problems early on and take the necessary prevention measures that would keep sufferers out of hospitals.

A general practitioner in Stockport has already started to visit betting shops in the area and provide these hypertension checkups to people who may not normally go out to seek them.

A few local sports clubs located in North Warwickshire and Coventry also started to provide weight management and diabetes support via community outreach or by asking for referrals from general practitioner teams. 

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Sajid Javid talked about the “many lessons” that the pandemic has taught the NHS. Javid emphasized the need for “joined-up health and care”  systems that can reach out to thousands and give them the support they need right when and where they need it the most. In mid-March, the NHS asked lawmakers to create a compulsory levy on UK’s gambling industry. One month earlier, the NHS agreed to stop receiving money from the gambling industry in the country.