Ninja Shares His Experience Playing Poker with Phil Helmuth on Hustler Casino Live

Ninja Shares His Experience Playing Poker with Phil Helmuth on Hustler Casino Live

23 May

The most recent Hustler Casino Live poker stream turned non-poker players into stars. It demonstrated that even the world’s most renowned poker players, such as Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan, can be defeated in short sessions at a table full of recreational players.

Internet celebrities like the YouTube sensation dubbed as “Mr.Beast,” the chess prodigy Alexandra Botez, and the cash game player standout Alan Keating made it simple for anyone to disappear into obscurity. Tyler Blevins, also nicknamed Ninja, is an exceptional video game player, and he is a legend in the video gaming industry.

Positive Feedback

The Fortnite star earned a decent profit while playing $100/$200 No Limit Hold’em, amassing a yield of $144,300, including this wild hand.

Still can’t believe this happened last night…

— Ninja (@Ninja) May 2, 2022

After the event, Blevins indicated that the response to the hand on Twitter, Tik Tok, and other social media platforms was phenomenal.

“I haven’t had a moment like this in quite some time!” he exclaimed. “I was really fortunate to be standing close to Hellmuth. He was assisting me in making some decisions. I was pleased with the fact that I hardly ever called on draws. He provided me with a great deal of positive feedback after several of my plays. It gave me a great deal of confidence, and I played much better the rest of the evening.” Immediately after the game, Blevins took to Twitter and shared the most meme-worthy picture of the year in poker thus far.

New meme template. Twitter do your thing

— Ninja (@Ninja) May 2, 2022

Getting along with Hellmuth

Hellmuth and Blevins got along like a house on fire, and the feeling was reciprocal, as discovered this week when reporters contacted Hellmuth. The Poker Brat said that the two guys would meet again shortly. “He told me about his charitable activities, and I thought it was extraordinary,” adds Blevins. “Then he confessed about his reputation.” I said, “Don’t worry, dude, I explode all the time too!” It was a match made in heaven, being next to each other. ” If the other players had imagined Blevins would show up merely to have a good time, they would have overlooked the gaming icon. “I had no intention of losing,” he noted. “I told my buddies that I was attempting not to be the first one to go. In the back of my mind, I believed I could win. Alexandra was one of the players that might have thrown Phil off his game. Every time this occurred, I believed I could succeed if I read people well and acted intelligently.” As it seems, Blevins did just that. Despite falling short of Botez and Jimmy’ Mr Beast’ Donaldson’s earnings of $400,000, his achievement of winning six figures was nevertheless noteworthy. “Keating and Mr Beast were going all-in.” I thought, ‘One of these people will bluff me,’ I’d be ripped apart if I played at an elite table with eight or nine other players, but it’d be a good learning experience. I’ve discovered a new passion since I was having so much fun that night, win or lose.”

Poker Background

Blevins is most renowned for his Fortnite moniker Ninja, but he played poker long before that. He picked up a gaming controller and bested his way to the top. Poker was always on TV when he was a teenager. The lad who would grow up to be the world’s most renowned gamer idolized Phil Ivey and Doyle Brunson, among several others. Regardless, Belvins thwarted his initial ambitions to play the game. “We dismantled the ping pong table and bought real poker chips,” he chuckles. “With all of our friends, we’d have $5 or $10 buy-ins. I used to make dumb calls for a straight or flush draw even if it wasn’t open-ended.” On the Hustler broadcast, Blevins displayed none of that naiveté, maybe due to memories of his first poker encounter as a youngster.

He elucidates:

“There were a few years when I paid attention, but I was never excellent at it. I was fortunate and always entered the drawings. I would need one club and 500 chips to make a call – you cannot do it! One victory out of 10 made me believe I was competent. I played online for a while and received a beating.” Taking a break from a game for more than a decade could seem like an excessively long amount of time, particularly considering that this was the time when poker was experiencing a boom in its history.

Making a Comeback

Blevins transformed himself into “Ninja,” decimated Fortnite, and fundamentally altered the gaming business during that short period. In other words, Ninja is the most-watched streamer in the annals of gaming history, and Fortnite is widely considered the classic video game of contemporary times. It is his conviction that his competitiveness has pulled him back to the game of poker.

Ninja has rediscovered his enthusiasm for the game he left as a boy. He is already playing online, but you won’t see his signature blue hair and broad Detroit grin on any avatar yet.

“I’ll be anonymous for the time being,” he replies with a grin. “I’ve already created an account on a poker website, and I’m now up around $2,500. I started with $1,000 and am now up to $3,500 playing $10/$20. That is extremely awesome!” Blevins has received positive feedback from the poker community, with Hellmuth among those hoping for Blevins to return to the felt soon. The gaming legend is just as enthusiastic about doing so as his new poker peers.

Will Ninja compete in the World Series of Poker? It would not be shocking if he did so because one thing is certain: whether he wins or loses. Ninja is a guy who regularly plays with a grin on his face.

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