Norsk Tipping’s CEO Åsne Havenelid Resigns After Six Years In Power

Norsk Tipping’s CEO Åsne Havenelid Resigns After Six Years In Power

Norsk Tipping, the national lottery of Norway, has announced on national media the stepping down of its chief executive officer Åsne Havenelid. She will be leaving the company after serving as CEO for six years.

Åsne Havenelid Will Wait Until a Successor Is Found

Havenelid had replaced Torbjørn Almlid, the former CEO of Norsk Tipping, in 2016. Before joining the gambling monopoly of Norway, she worked as the secretary-general of the country’s Red Cross.

Havenelid’s leave will not come with immediate effect. On the contrary, she agreed to retain her role as CEO until a suitable successor has been named.

She shared that she has no clear plans for what’s to come. Instead, she will take her time to evaluate her options and decide on what will come next.

Havenelid Is Glad by What She Achieved

Havenelid addressed her leave and spoke about her time in Norsk Tipping. She revealed that it has been an honor to work for Norway’s lottery monopoly and that she is glad to have collaborated with such a great, able and devoted team.

Havenelid summarized her stay in Norsk Tipping as a great time and is happy to have helped for the lottery’s future:

“I have learned a lot and been allowed to participate in developing the company further in a very exciting time.”

Norsk Tipping outgoing CEO Åsne Havenelid

Linda Bernander Silseth, the chairwoman of Norsk Tipping, spoke on Havenelid’s leave. Silseth said that Havenelid has performed greatly in her time as a CEO and has always had clear goals for the company’s future. The CEO’s strong leadership has helped in the national lottery’s cause of raising funds for various charities.

Silseth is firm that Havenelid’s leadership has done everything to secure and strengthen the important social mission of the company. The chairwoman used the opportunity to thank the Havenelid for “the good and impressive job” she has done on behalf of the whole board.

Norsk Tipping is one of Norway’s gambling monopolies and is responsible for overseeing gambling and sports betting in the country. Another one is Rikstoto, which is responsible for Norway’s racing content. Together the two hold most of the gambling content in the North European country.

Norway has been very strict about its gaming policies and has been very harsh on unlicensed offshore betting brands. In September the country submitted a consultation paper to the European Commission where it asked for permission to use DNS blocking as a last resort measure against operators who refuse to comply with its regulations.