Ocean Downs Casino Punter Wins $11K, Tops It with $100K Lotto Win

Ocean Downs Casino Punter Wins K, Tops It with 0K Lotto Win

A common saying goes that “lightning never strikes the same place twice” but not for a 31-year-old woman from Maryland who managed to win big twice within less than 12 hours.

Pink Is the Lucky Number

A nursing assistant and a mother of four, the woman who wished to remain anonymous and played under the name of Chicklet31, first cashed out $11,000 from Ocean Downs Casino she had visited after her late night shift.

Having left the casino at around 1am, she decided to buy a scratch card ticket from the Maryland Lottery the next day and visited a local convenience store located in her hometown of Princess Anne around noon, where she opted for a pink-colored Extreme Cash game ticket, which later won her the top $100,000 prize.

Speaking to the Maryland Lottery, the woman explained why she had bought that ticket and there was not a single drop of logic in it. “I just bought that scratch-off because it stood out to me and pink is my favorite color,” she stated.

She even joked that her luck was due to the same set of clothes she had been wearing in the casino and while purchasing the instant scratch card.

“‘Chicklet’ becomes the 60th top-prize winner in the $100,000 Extreme Cash scratch-off game and is the game’s third top-prize winner in the last two weeks,” Maryland Lottery officials stated, adding that the convenience store where the winning ticket was sold would receive a $1,000 bonus.

Chicklet is planning to use the unexpected windfall to visit her son who lives in China and to further her education so that she could advance in her professional career.

Other Recent Multiple Wins

The Maryland Lottery was involved with another double-win in the state scored by a 56-year-old Amazon employee from Baltimore who managed to win big twice within just two months.

In February, the lucky scratch card player won the top $50,000 prize available from the $5 scratch card game Crazy 8s, to boost his January winnings of $30,000 from the same $5 scratch card lottery game.

And while multiple wins in a row are rare but not unheard of, what did a Vietnam veteran of Fall River, 50 miles south of Boston, Massachusetts, would probably never happen again.

In December, the man decided to buy not one but six Lucky for Life tickets with the exact same combination of numbers, won a cash prize of $390,000 from each, and received nearly $2 million in one lump sum from five of the tickets while leaving one ticket to pay him $25,000 in twenty annual payments.