Oddin.gg to Boost TrustDice’s Esports Offer

Oddin.gg to Boost TrustDice’s Esports Offer

Oddin.gg, a B2B esports betting solutions provider, has joined forces with the cryptocurrency casino TrustDice. The agreement between the two companies will see TrustDice adopt Oddin’s esports betting and risk management solutions.

Oddin to Provide TrustDice with Solutions

Oddin has agreed to power the crypto casino with its proprietary solutions. Thanks to the deal, TrustDice will be able to reinforce its platform with the supplier’s critically-acclaimed esports wagering solution. Therefore, it will be able to enhance its esports offer – a vertical that is becoming increasingly popular among the youth.

In addition, the operator will implement Oddin’s risk management solutions to its platform, which will help it maintain its financial stability.

TrustDice is one of Satoshi Gaming Group’s subsidiaries. As a cryptocurrency casino, the brand is marketed towards young bettors and tech-savvy players. Because of this, the company has a lot to gain from adding Oddin’s proven solutions and expanding its footprint in esports.

Oddin, on the other hand, is one of the world’s best suppliers when it comes to sports betting. The company partners with some of the best tech companies and powers operators such as Loot.Bet and Yolo Group, among others.  

TrustDice Believes Oddin to Be a Suitable Partner

Daniel Lee, co-founder of Satoshi Gaming Group, TrustDice’s parent company, spoke about the partnership with Oddin. He said that his team extensively analyzed many B2B companies before deciding that Oddin is the best partner. Lee praised Oddin’s “time-tested solutions” and said that they are exactly what TrustDice needs.

With the leverage of Oddin.gg’s risk management and market overview expertise, we now have the capability to deeply connect our services with esports, an industry that is rapidly growing and will be extremely important in the future, particularly in the crypto space.

Daniel Lee, co-founder, Satoshi Gaming Group

Marek Suchar, managing director and co-founder of Oddin.gg, also shared his thoughts. He noted that there are innate similarities between crypto and esports, which is why they often go hand in hand. Because of this, Suchar is happy with the opportunity to provide TrustDice, one of the pioneers in crypto gaming, with Oddin’s solutions.

We are looking forward to this partnership, and are eager to see how we can evolve the crypto betting market with the partnership of TrustDice.

Marek Suchar, managing director, Oddin.gg

Oddin continues to be one of the most sought-after providers in esports betting. The company recently inked a deal with Duelbits, another B2B company. In April, the supplier teamed up with SB22, agreeing to work with it on esports.