Over $600,000 Paid Out In Minnesota Breeders’ Awards For 2021 – Horse Racing News

Over $600,000 was awarded to horse breeders in 2021 by the Minnesota Breeders’ Fund for the achievements of Minnesota-bred horses in 2021, continuing the decades-long tradition of reward and recognition.

The Minnesota Racing Commission (“MRC”) administers the Minnesota Breeders’ Fund, which pays awards to the breeders of Minnesota-bred horses who are registered with the MRC. Awards are based on qualified purse earnings during the 2021 racing season. In appreciation of those who contribute to the horse racing and breeding industry in Minnesota, the Minnesota Breeders’ Fund was established in 1983 alongside the MRC and has paid awards every year since.


The 2021 Minnesota Breeders’ Fund Awards have now been processed and paid to the earning breeders in the categories of Thoroughbred Breeders’ Awards, Thoroughbred Stallion Awards, Quarter Horse Breeders’ Awards, Quarter Horse Stallion Awards, and Standardbred Breeders’ Awards.

The top-earning Thoroughbred breeder was Bob Lothenbach of Lothenbach Stables, earning nearly $30,000. Twelve other Thoroughbred breeders earned over $10,000 in awards, and a total of over $400,000 was earned between all breeders. Kela Minnesota, LLC topped the Thoroughbred Stallion Awards with almost $20,000 earned in awards. The Minnesota Breeders’ Fund paid a total of $53,564 in Stallion Awards. 

Quarter Horse Breeders’ Awards winners earned $68,268, with Lunderborg LLC earning the most at nearly $10,000. Darin Meyers, Jessica Meyers, and Dale Borchers received over half of the $1,776 paid out to Quarter Horse Stallion Awards winners for their efforts.  

With respect to the Standardbred Breeders’ Fund Awards, Set the Pace Racing LLC topped the earner’s list with over $8,000 awarded for horses who raced at Running Aces Casino, Hotel, and Racetrack.   

For 2021, most breeders in each of the categories of Thoroughbred Breeders, Thoroughbred Stallions, Quarter Horse Breeders, and Standardbred Breeders earned at least $1,000. 

Reflecting on the past two years, the Minnesota Racing Commission’s Breeders’ Fund coordinators Nicole Edstrom and Stephanie Jenson thank all the award recipients.

“I greatly appreciate the commitment and resiliency of our Minnesota breeders and stallion owners – the unwavering support during these historic times is truly incredible,” Edstrom said. “The Minnesota Breeders’ Fund is pleased to be able to thank those who have assisted Minnesota agriculture and business via these awards, no matter their location in the United States.” 

For information on participating in the Minnesota Breeders’ Fund, contact Nicole Edstrom at [email protected], visit mnbreedersfund.com, or call the Minnesota Racing Commission at 952-496-7950 during open business hours.