Overweight Mares Have A Harder Time With Pregnancy  – Horse Racing News

Overweight Mares Have A Harder Time With Pregnancy  – Horse Racing News


A new study suggests that overweight mares have uteri which are less adaptive to the cyclical changes that renew womb lining, which compromises their reproductive health. 

Researchers from the University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Poland, the Biotechnologye of the Czech Academy of Sciences and the International Institute of Translational Medicine in Poland completed the study. 

Lead by Dr. Agnieszka Smieszek, the team reported that the uterine lining is now being focused on as a potential source of progenitor cells, which could have broad effectiveness in regenerative medicine, including as a possible treatment for subfertility caused by endometrial dysfunction. 

Smieszek obtained endometrial progenitor cells from four obese and four non-obese mares during the non-reproductive period of their cycle. The team found that obese mares had cellular changes that included lowered cell proliferation, reduced mitochondrial metabolism, and higher inflammatory markers. 

The scientists concluded that obesity alters the renewal potential of endometrial progenitor cells, likely reducing the overweight mare’s ability to become pregnant and retain the pregnancy. The team noted that though further studies are needed, body condition should be considered in broodmare management. 

Read the study here. 

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