Parimatch Taps Dmitry Sergeev to Help Russian Division, Lead Eastern European Pivot

Parimatch Taps Dmitry Sergeev to Help Russian Division, Lead Eastern European Pivot

Parimatch Russia is expanding its clout in Eastern Europe with the hire of Dmitry Sergeev who will lead the company’s pivot in the region. Specifics as to what will happen in Eastern Europe will be disclosed next year, while the company adjusts several corporate cogwheels in the coming weeks. Sergeev was previously chief executive officer for the company’s CIS operations but will now be tasked with further developing the operator in Russia, and beyond.

He will also be stepping in charge of Parimatch Tech’s franchise implementation as Parimatch Russia and Parimatch CIS are separating to pursue individual growth, independent of one another. Sergeev will be tasked with overseeing Parimatch Russia’s further expansion in the CEE region, reliant on local betting licenses.

Falling Back on In-House Talent to Scale Operations

The change has demanded some reorganization at Parimatch CIS which will now be headed by Yuliya Leshkova who serves as the current deputy-CEO of Parimatch Belarus. Leshkova has been able to preside over Parimatch’s steady results in Belarus driving innovation and delivering on quarterly objectives.

Considering these changes, Parimatch will not enact any additional rejuggling of its corporate structure, choosing to rely on in-house talent rather than attracting new people in key positions. While Parimatch Russia is going to work as an independent entity from its CIS counterpart, it will still be led by the company’s current CEO, Ruslan Medved.

Sergeev has been happy with the new opportunity offered to him, touting the growth market potential of the Russian market. He also commented on the Eastern European strategy:

“Our franchise-based development in the Eastern Europe is a new direction and will prove a highly ambitious challenge massive that both myself and our team will relish. Always dedicated to delivering the best, we will do our utmost to deliver upon the expectations of our shareholders and raise brand awareness in Europe.”

Parimatch CEE lead Dmitry Sergeev

Sergeev Expertise Is Synonymous with Success

Sergeev further expressed confidence that each of the company’s individual CIS markets has become a fully-fledged region. Sergeev spearheaded the CIS division’s growth and has played an important role in strengthening operational results.

He worked hard on the company’s footprint and profile between 2016 and 2019, helping Parimatch gain traction in the Russian market at the face of tough regulatory conditions. His experience proved invaluable as he had joined from another respected operator, bwin. As gambling legalization is expanding, the company decided to bring Oleksandr Usyk as a brand ambassador for responsible gambling.