PGCB Publishes Diversity Report 2021-2022

PGCB Publishes Diversity Report 2021-2022

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has published its 2022 report assessing diversity in the casino industry and the level of ethnic diversity in the industry. The latest study has shown that casino workers continue to be mostly male, outpacing their female counterparts at a rate that is greater than the overall population ratio in the Keystone State.

PGCB Publishes Results of Latest Report

The study seeks to identify the reasons for these hiring policies and argues that adding more women to the workforce for the sake of adding more women is not a solution. The diversity report argues that there are 14,000 people who are working in casinos across Pennsylvania as of mid-2022, with 40% of those workers representing ethnic or racial minorities, not too bad overall number.

However, management roles were 2,400 of all positions with the employees of racial and ethnic minorities there representing only by 26% of the total number. Live! Casino Philadelphia had the most ethnic and racial minorities employed, with 65% of the total workforce. In terms of sex, only 43% of all employees are female. The number is a bit lower when considering management roles, with only 36% of managers or executives female.

The study conducted by the PGCB is not meant as criticism but rather as advice on how to better include a more diverse workforce. Overall, the casino industry in Keystone State is doing well. Around 60% of the population is Caucasians with the rest representing different races, so 40% of ethnic and racial minorities involved in the workforce actually already reflect an inclusive gaming environment.

Pennsylvanian casinos have been trend-setters, first taking a stand on indoor smoking, and generally pushing for more inclusive hiring policies and overall commitment.

Female Employees in Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin Lead the Way

In terms of female involvement in management, Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin seemed to lead the way with 49% of its executive and management roles occupied by female employees. The level of female participation in the workforce at the casino is also higher than the average for the state at 50.6% of the whole.

The study revealed more interesting trends you can study in the original report. Overall, PGCB remains one of the most progressive and inclusive places to work if you want to be part of the casino gambling industry.