Phil Hellmuth Savaged for Angleshooting Newbies on Hustler Casino Live

Phil Hellmuth Savaged for Angleshooting Newbies on Hustler Casino Live

04 May

Phil Hellmuth is facing the full wrath of poker Twitter after apparently angleshooting a poker newcomer on the Hustler Casino Live show – appearing to fold then claiming he hadn’t…

Here is the full clip of the hand.

This one is gonna get talked about.

Not so sure I would call it “a really good deal for you”

— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) May 2, 2022

While Daniel Negreanu was playing it nice, Thomas Keeling didn’t mince his words…

Phil Hellmuth is a scumbag

— Thomas Keeling (@SrslySirius) May 2, 2022

The incident occurred as Hellmuth, Tom Dwan and highstakes player Alan Keating jousted with a table full of internet sensations, playing a $100/$200 cash game with YouTubers MrBeast and Ludwig Ahgren, joined by TwitchTV stars Alexandra Botez, xQc and Slime.

It was a hand involving “Slime” that caused all the controversy, the tweeted clips above showing Hellmuth appear to fold his hand by pushing the cards into the middle.

With Slime then revealing his own smaller ace, the alleged angle-shooting began, Hellmuth claiming he hadn’t folded and was merely offering the cards to Tom Dwan to have a look.

What ought to have happened next was fairly simple…

This hand made 0 sense whatsoever. First, Phil gestured a fold even if it was passing cards to Tom. 2nd, why would Slime be obligated to put in 5k & then fold ? He deserved to either run it out for whats in the middle, or call 5k & see turn, or call 5k & run it out.

— TAO (@gamblingbuddha) May 2, 2022

Having seen Slime’s smaller ace, however, Hellmuth then offered him a deal, to throw him $5k rather than pay the full amount – a pot that would almost reach $80k had Phil called.

That didn’t go down well on Twitter, highstakes pro Scott Seiver tagging Phil with the hashtag #positivity and calling on him to “do the right thing” and give Slime back his $.

“As an ambassador of the sport to fleece 5k from a brand-new player… this is absurd,” wrote Seiver.

Another poker Twitter comment hit the nail on the head:

“Whether true or not it’s pretty irrelevant. If I’m at a table with 7 complete noobs with too much money, I’m not punishing them for me doing something nonstandard because they didn’t understand it. Bad look. Especially from supposedly the best ambassador of the game.”

To add insult to injury, when they ran the rabbit hunt afterwards, the ace and six appeared which would have given Slime a full house and a monster pot.

Joey Ingram, back from a 10-month hiatus, quizzed Hellmuth on what happened, with the Poker Brat claiming:

“If you’re a poker player you understand. Basically, Dwan said ‘Let me see what you’re looking at,’ … I threw him my cards…and then Keating says, ‘Show it to everybody since he’s all-in.’ So I just flipped it up and showed it to everybody, it was pretty standard and normal…I didn’t do anything wrong at all.”
“No angling at all?, “ asked Joey.
“No, no, no, no, no…but people are stupid…all the poker players will know that was normal,” added Hellmuth, claiming , “He [Slime] made the mistake flipping his hand up.”

Nothing to see here, then, says Hellmuth, but what do you think? Answers and comments in our social media please!

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