Phil Ivey Documentary Being Filmed at 2022 WSOP

Phil Ivey Documentary Being Filmed at 2022 WSOP

23 Jun

A documentary about Phil Ivey is currently being filmed at the 2022 World Series of Poker. The greatest poker player of the modern era generally keeps his life private and there is so much more that the fans want to know. Now, it looks as if we will have that opportunity soon enough.

You Are Being Filmed!

It was Kevin Mathers—AKA Kevmath—who spotted the news first while wandering around the tournament areas. A sign was posted warning people in the vicinity that they are being filmed for a production titled “UNTITLED PHIL IVEY DOCUMENTARY” and agree to their image being used in perpetuity.

Noticing this posted in the tournament areas

— Kevin Mathers (@Kevmath) June 13, 2022

It was pointed out that there is already a production out there from 10 years ago where Ivey was followed around to show a typical “day in the life” of the American. Poker Road has scenes showing Ivey flying to casinos for 20 minutes sessions of high-stakes craps to blow off some steam.

If noones watched the series that followed him by Barry Greensteins son. Look up poker road on YouTube. It’s actually insane. Flying to casinos for 20 minute nosebleed craps sessions. From before he got freerolled in baccarat.

— Kevin Hunt (@Egavaselpmis) June 13, 2022

Texas Dolly Biopic also in the Works

Fans of poker documentaries should also be aware that there is a biopic about Doyle Brunson also in the works.

Sadly, Brunson has pulled the plug on his plans to play at the 2022 WSOP due to concerns about COVID after numerous high-profile cases were reported. With an elderly wife who has an increased risk in the case of a positive test, Brunson thought it moral to not risk the health of his family.

looks like covid is everywhere at the WSOP. I’m gonna have to miss some tournaments I wanted to play but there are 2 unvaccinated in my house.

— Doyle Brunson (@TexDolly) June 11, 2022

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