Playtech and Holland Casino Join Academics to Fight Problem Gambling

Online gambling software supplier Playtech and operator Holland Casino will work alongside Erasmus University Rotterdam and the University of Amsterdam on a new study that will seek better safer gambling solutions.

A Safe Bet

The four-year program is appropriately called “A Safe Bet: design and evaluation of a player-tailored online responsible gambling promotion framework.” It is led by Erasmus University Rotterdam and will see the involved parties work on a comprehensive responsible gambling framework that better protects customers from gambling harm.

To that end, the aforementioned university will join forces with the University of Amsterdam, Playtech and Holland Casino and will explore how to make better customizable safer gambling tools. The project’s priorities are to find out how to better assess a gambler’s personal needs and how to better identify at-risk players based on their behavior patterns.

As leading players in their respective sectors, Playtech and Holland Casino will be able to provide the help needed to advance the research. The A Safe Bet program will see the involved parties develop and test new responsible gambling tools with the final goal of minimizing gambling harm.

Academics and Industry Specialists Need to Work Together

According to the participants in the new program, A Safe Bet would drive unparalleled innovation in responsible gambling. The parties are bullish on providing the sector with improved safer gambling solutions, helping companies all over the sector provide their customers with enhanced protections.

Malinda Miener, Holland Casino’s chief compliance officer, said that the joined efforts of everyone involved would make it possible to create better and more efficient safer gambling tools. The new solutions would be based on data and science and would greatly improve the sector. Miener concluded that Holland Casino is an iGaming company that realizes the importance of sustainability and player protection.

Playtech’s chief operating officer, Shimon Akad, said that his team is delighted to join the program. He noted that the company will invest in data analytics and digital solutions to promote responsible gambling. In addition, Akad promised that his team will deliver solutions that reduce gambling harm. The COO concluded that Playtech believes the best way to improve responsible gambling rates is to work alongside academic experts.

Speaking of academic experts, Marilisa Boffo, research lead for the new project and assistant professor in clinical psychology and eHealth at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, emphasized the importance of safer gambling. She said that it is important to protect people who wish to wager. Because academic experts cannot do everything alone, Boffo and her team decided to join forces with industry experts and work together on understanding how to combat problem gambling.