PLLAY Adds HashCube Users to Expand Its Player Database

PLLAY Adds HashCube Users to Expand Its Player Database

Video game wagering platform operator PLLAY Labs announced today a partnership with one of India’s leading casual game studios, HashCube Gaming, to gain access to its multi-million user database.

Strengthen User Engagement

The partnership between the operator of AI-driven fintech wagering platform PLLAY and the developer of the world’s most monetized Sudoku game, Sudoku Quest, will allow HashCube’s global users to join casual esports tournaments within their gaming experiences and compete for cash prizes.

HashCube will leverage PLLAY’s AI, fintech, gamer identity, and token economic capabilities via PLLAY’s newly-developed application programming interface (API) enterprise solution to grow its revenue and strengthen user engagement.

“HashCube is quickly becoming one of the leading mobile game studios globally.”

Shawn Gunn, CEO, PLLAY Labs

PLLAY’s enterprise solution will also support a number of other activities at HashCube, including publishing of video games, streaming, cloud gaming, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), games in metaverses, and relationships with professional esports teams.

PLLAY’s advanced behavioral analytics will further contribute to user engagement by providing user behavior insights that would allow HashCube to offer highly personalized and enhanced gameplay to its customers.

“This integration will provide HashCube with access to our powerful, newly evolving enterprise offering, allowing the two companies to leverage each other’s capabilities and resources that will support growth initiatives across the board.”

Shawn Gunn, CEO, PLLAY Labs

Expand Player Database

Other advantages of the platform come from its wagering solution which takes care of identity checks, regulatory requirements, monetization and payouts, supports its partners with a simple, one-line of code integration, and facilitates their product management teams.

The partnership with HashCube will further increase the scope of the video game wagering platform by bringing PLLAY closer to more than 20 million users of the products developed by the gaming studio.

The relatively young PLLAY platform has been rapidly expanding recently and in November, the operator of the platform that allows users to wager on peer-to-peer video game competitions announced it surpassed the 100,000 mark in terms of registered users.

Having affirmed its presence across US markets, PLLAY announced its ambitions to continue with its international expansion, attracting new customers via utilizing product enhancements and elevated brand partnerships.