Podcast – Adam Bjorn – Gambling With An Edge

Podcast – Adam Bjorn – Gambling With An Edge

Our guest this week is Adam Bjorn.  Adam has worked both sides of the counter for over 30 years,  He is both a professional bettor, and a bookmaker, and now is working for a software company aimed at giving bookmakers bettor tools for servicing their customers.



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Show Notes


[00:00]  Introduction of Adam Bjorn, sports bettor and sportsbook software expert

[00:43]  Adam’s background in gambling

[01:57]  Finding an edge, informational advantages

[06:20]  Why did Adam move to Jamaica?

[11:24]  Getting accounts shut down, maintaining outs

[13:16]  Bookmaking in Jamaica

[16:41]  Horse racing in Jamaica, pools, rebates, etc

[20:02]  Creating software for sportsbooks

[24:14]  Limiting and banning players

[28:00]  South Point Casino July Promotions – $650k Summer Money Madness casino-wide progressives

[29:17]  http://VideoPoker.com/gwae – Gold Membership offers correction on most games, free Pro Membership trial for GWAE listeners

[29:54]  Adam’s software work

[33:15]  Bottom-up versus top-down

[35:58]  Programming and sales

[37:07]  Is Adam still betting?

[40:54]  Top-down approach

[43:17]  Less volume, bigger edge

[44:12]  Billy Walters

[45:24]  Gambling in India

[48:20]  Hedging

[50:40]  Recommended:  Banza pasta, Ultimate X Poker by James H. Haskell, Atomic Habits by James Clear

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