Podcast – guest Anthony Curtis 6/23/2022

Podcast – guest Anthony Curtis 6/23/2022

Our guest this week is Anthony Curtis. We talk about what’s new in Las Vegas, and upcoming books from Huntington Press.

[00:00]  Introduction of Anthony Curtis, publisher of The Huntington Press and The Las Vegas Advisor

[00:30]  Upcoming books by James Grosjean from The Huntington Press

[06:34]  Other upcoming books from The Huntington Press

[09:48]  Houston Curtis’ upcoming book

[18:08]  New ownership at The Palms

[28:00]  South Point Casino June Promotions – $600k Spin to Win

[30:02]  http://VideoPoker.com/gwae – Gold Membership offers correction on most games, free Pro Membership trial for GWAE listeners   

[32:56]  WSOP on The Strip, online poker

[37:20]  CIrca football contests, recent Circa Sports hires

[40:29]  Video poker at The D and Golden Gate

[44:46]  Recreational marijuana and cannabis lounges

[47:30]  Topless Vegas

[50:57]  The Plaza

[54:53]  Recommended:  Card Magic by Jason on Instagram, Binion’s Steakhouse, Rouge at The Strat

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