Podcast – guest author Marton Magyar

Podcast – guest author Marton Magyar


[00:00]  introduction of Marton Magyar, author of The 50 Greatest Stories in Poker History

[00:42]  Marton’s ethnic background

[01:41]  Marton’s poker experience

[04:27]  What poker sites does Marton write for?

[06:34]  Chronicling the poker stories in The 50 Greatest Stories in Poker History

[10:56]  Research for The 50 Greatest Stories in Poker History

[13:43] Johnny Moss and Nick The Greek

[20:07]  Marton’s favorite stories

[23:31]  What stories just missed making the book?

[29:16]  South Point Casino December promotions – City Lights Shine promotion, half-price when paying with points

[30:15]  http://BlackjackApprenticeship.com – card counting training website and community with many betting, tracking, and analytical tools

[30:56]  http://VideoPoker.com/gwae – Gold Membership offers correction on most games, free Pro Membership trial for GWAE listeners

[32:44]  Is Marton planning another book?

[36:09]  Movies with poker scenes

[38:50]  Contact Marton at Twitter.com/mmagyarpoker

[39:39]  Recommended:  The Professor, The Banker, and The Suicide King by Michael Craig, The Vig by Les Croart, The Vig by Peter Alson

[44:55]  Playing 100-play video poker for $1/spin

[46:45]  Blackjack on cruise ships

[47:43]  Over-saturation in slot hustling

[51:58]  Variance in video poker

[54:50]  Dating a casino employee

[56:34]  Designing a new video poker game

[58:10]  Why is KO an looked down on as an inferior count?

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