Podcast – guest Steven Bridges

Our guest this week is magician, and card counter Steven Bridges. In 2018 Steven was a street magician in London.  He decided to learn to count cards, and document his journey in a YouTube series.


[00:00]  Introduction of blackjack player, Steven Bridges

[00:44]  Being “unintentionally retired”

[01:51]  Stephen’s YouTube channel

[03:33]  Colin Jones

[04:36]  Content creation, filming, and related considerations

[13:07]  An instant bankroll

[16:36]  What was the plan before the bankroll appeared?

[17:58]  Blackjack Bootcamp

[19:07]  Managing the logistics of cash

[21:52]  Early play, bet sizes, and swings

[24:21]  Filming the early sessions and field tests

[26:39]  Playing in Washington

[29:31]  South Point Casino December promotions – 50% off almost everything, City Shine moonshine giveaway

[31:39]  http://VideoPoker.com/gwae – Gold Membership offers correction on most games, free Pro Membership trial for GWAE listeners

[32:57]  Statistics from the first month in Washington

[35:10]  U.S. blackjack versus European blackjack

[40:36]  Returning to the U.S.

[49:21]  Bad back-offs

[52:00]  How to find Steven on Youtube

[53:00]  Recommended:  Dead Irish by John Lescroart, Anki app

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