Podcast – legendary bookmaker Scotty Schettler

Podcast – legendary bookmaker Scotty Schettler

Our guest this week is legendary bookmaker Scotty Schettler.  Scotty started in Las Vegas at the old Churchill Downs sports book, and eventually moved to take over the Stardust after the mob was thrown out.  He’s written a memoir entitled, “We Were Wiseguys and Didn’t Know It.”

Show Notes

[00:00]  Introduction of former Stardust bookmaker and author, Scotty Schettler

[00:43]  Scotty’s history in bookmaking

[02:43]  Churchill Downs Race and Sportsbook in Las Vegas

[06:43]  Customers trying to scam ticket writers

[09:40]  Working at Tower of Pizza

[15:43]  The Royal

[20:21]  The Stardust

[25:22]  Roxy Roxborough at The Stardust

[27:11]  The Computer Group, Billy Walters

[38:46]  South Point Casino May Promotions – Half-priced gas and goods, Mother’s Day candy promo

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[42:00]  Using pay phones

[46;48]  Taking wise guy action

[51:27]  We Were Wise Guys and Didn’t Know It by Scotty Schettler

[52:17]  Scotty leaves The Stardust

[58;52]  Recommended;  Ted Talk by Derren Brown, Make A Wish Foundation, The Imitation Game, Make a Wish Foundation

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