Poker Player Does a Runner with Chips after Losing All-in

15 Sep

Lost a huge hand but don’t want to pay that man his money? No problem, just run off with your chips! That’s what poker player Andrew “Fez” Walsh is accused of doing after an all-in went against him at the Desert Diamond Casino-West Valley in Glendale, Arizona.

The incredible tale was shared on the 2plus2 forum’s News, Views and Gossip pages this week by forumite Sarah Spades, who wrote:

“So this happened the other night at the Desert Diamond Casino-West Valley in Glendale, Arizona at the $2/3 NL game. It was like 2 a.m. or so and the game was maybe 6-7 handed.” There then follows the hand history (HH)…

Seat 4 raises to $15 (has about $500 behind)
Seat 6 3-bets to $35 (has about $800 behind.
Seat 7 flat calls (has about $80 behind).
Seat 4 calls.

Flop: 8♣ T♣ 6♦

Seat 4: check
Seat 6: bets $40
Seat 7: moves all-in for his last $45
Seat 4: Moves all in for $400+
Seat 6: Insta calls and shows Kx K♣
Seat 4 shows Q♣ 9♣ of clubs (straight and flush draw)
Seat 7 shows QJ off (?)

Turn: 3♣
River: 4♥

Seat 4 wins with a flush. (The poster mixed up the hand history and confused seats 4 and 6 in the original story. Basically, the kings lost!)

“NOW HERE COMES THE REAL INTERESTING PART…” writes Spade. “While the dealer is counting down the stacks of Seat 4 for an exact count, Seat 6 pulls back his initial bet of $40, racks up ALL his chips and darts out the door bypassing the cage. It happened all so fast that he was gone before anyone could react. Tribal Police were called. Reports were taken. The even more crazy part is that the thief in seat 6 is a well-known regular there. Andrew “Fez” Walsh.”

According to the OP, “The casino didn’t pay seat 4 what he was owed,” and asks the question: “Has anyone heard of this happening before at a casino?”

That’s a good question, but of course the thread disintegrated into a free-for-all of differing opinions:

  • – “Yes, I have seen this multiple times in LA casinos. Basically, the player gets banned until he pays back the amount. Police don’t get involved,” wrote Narcoleptix.
  • – “The casino cannot force a private citizen to give up their property. The $40 in the pot might be the casinos but the rest isn’t,” was PointlessWords two-cents’ worth.
  • – “The $400+ chips that the player didn’t put into the middle is still the property of the player, even if he says all in. The casino does not have the power to take those chips from him. It sucks but it’s the way it is,” wrote trob888.

Though rules vary from casino to casino, state to state, and country to country, so far the most likely correct answer as to what will happen if you find yourself in this situation came from forumite Pooh-Bah.

It would be interesting to hear from other players out there who have seen or had this happen to them, so please share your similar stories on our social media!

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