Poker Player Hits 0K Bad Beat After Losing With Quads

Poker Player Hits $300K Bad Beat After Losing With Quads

A low-stakes limit hold’em poker player in Las Vegas had the hand of a lifetime on Thursday.

According to Station Casinos, a $303,000 bad beat jackpot at Red Rock Casino was hit Thursday at a $4-$8 limit Hold’em table. The lucky player had quad threes beaten by a seven-high straight flush in hearts.

The straight flush hand won $30,313, and the losing quad threes won $45,469. All 8 players at the table won $1,895 each just for being there, while all poker guests across Station Casinos poker rooms playing at the time won $952 each, including all the players at the winning table.

Red Rock player Maria M. (pictured) held the quad threes.

At the time the jackpot was hit, there were 118 eligible players at Red Rock’s poker room, 43 eligible players at Boulder Station’s room, and 62 eligible players at Santa Fe Station’s room.

The Station Casinos progressive bad beat jackpot grows daily. The qualifying hand starts at four queens beaten, with the qualifying hand lowering regularly.

The “loser” with the qualifying hand wins 15% of the jackpot while the winning qualifying hand wins 10%. The remaining players at the table at the time of the hit split 5% of the jackpot while all other active players across Station Casinos poker rooms at the time split the remaining 70%.