Poker Pro Makes Absurd Fold With Bottom Set on Day 1A of World Series of Poker Main Event

It’s seemingly a dream situation. You flop bottom set two other players on Day 1 of the $10,000 World Series of Poker main event.

This was JJ Liu’s situation on Day 1B of the 2021 main event Friday afternoon against two-time WSOP bracelet winner and Card Player columnist Steve Zolotow and Perry Friedman. But Liu’s dream of holding 2-2 on a flop of KSpade Suit8Diamond Suit2Diamond Suit soon turned into a nightmare scenario.

In the fourth level of the day, with blinds of 300-500 with a 500 big blind ante, Zolotow led out for 6,000 and was raised to 22,000 by Friedman. Liu cold-called and Zolotow tank-folded his top pair top kicker.

There was 59,200 in the pot heading to the turn, which was the 4Club Suit. Friedman didn’t stop betting as he pushed 152,000 into the middle. It was a wager of nearly three times the size of the pot, more than 300 big blinds, and more than the roughly 130,000 Liu had left in her stack.

“That many?” asked Liu.

“This might be the only bet size she’ll fold to,” said PokerGO commentator and poker pro Jamie Kerstetter.

Kerstetter was right as Liu only took about 20 seconds before tossing her hand into the muck. Friedman went on to finish the day with 195,500, good for a top-20 chip stack, while Liu was only a few spots behind him with 180,200.

Did Liu make the right fold? Watch the clip below to find out:

Some people go broke with top pair top kicker, some people go broke with bottom set… but not JJ Liu and Steve Zolotow!

— PokerGO (@PokerGO) November 5, 2021