Poker Pro Steve O’Dwyer Finally Gets His Lost Luggage From Lufthansa

12 Feb

It took more than 15 days, a national news story by CNN, a barrage of shaming on social media, and live exposure of the ordeal during a major poker tournament, but Steve O’Dwyer has finally been reunited with his lost luggage from Lufthansa Airlines.

Many poker players and fans have been following this story from the outset, beginning with O’Dwyer throwing shade on the airline while seated at the feature table of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event. O’Dwyer landed in 51st place for a score of $29,400, but apparently got his money’s worth by advising viewers to never fly Lufthansa.

By the time O’Dwyer made his comments on the TV table, his bags had been MIA for seven days. Adding insult to the injury of the debacle, the poker pro with more than $33 million in live tournament earnings had placed an apple air tag in his luggage before embarking on his Lufthansa journey and was able to tell airline representatives exactly where his bags were located.

Lufthansa still gave him the runaround, creating a travel nightmare that would likely cause even the most patient of people to lose their cool.

Conducting research and studying are part and parcel of a successful poker player’s DNA and O’Dwyer is no different. The 40-year-old’s foray into Lufthansa horror stories revealed that he wasn’t the only traveler who ran into incompetence at the German airline.

CNN eventually got involved, publishing a story on O’Dwyer’s plight. The poker pro had high hopes that the exposure would prompt Lufthansa into action, but he was sorely disappointed.

For those wondering how O’Dwyer’s luggage was finally returned, it seems that the CNN story did make a difference. But it wasn’t Lufthansa that deserves any credit for righting the ship, instead the heroics belong to a company whose entire business revolves around a reunion between a passenger and lost luggage.

The moral of the story? It seems like “Never Fly Lufthansa” fits here. But a sub-heading might be “Don’t Mess With Steve O’Dwyer.”

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