PokerNews on Hot Seat for Calling Poker Bunny “Insane” and “Erratic”

02 Feb

A recent article at PokerNews that focused on Poker Bunny’s behavior after busting on Day 3 of the PCA Main Event has created a bit of a ruckus among some poker players and fans.

Many commenters on social media were offended by the PokerNews article that called Paulina “Poker Bunny” Loeliger’s actions “erratic.” A tweet in promotion of the article ruffled even more feathers when Poker Bunny was labeled as “insane.”

It’s common knowledge in poker circles that the 24-year-old has admitted to struggles with mental health issues.

For that reason alone, describing Poker Bunny’s behavior as “insane” was perhaps a poor choice of words. But with regard to “erratic,” well, look for yourself in the clip below:

We’ve all likely made bad calls that we wished we hadn’t. There’s nowhere to hide when it happens and the impulse to conceal her embarrassment seemingly got the best of Poker Bunny and the ensuing behavior was the result.

Whether or not Poker Bunny’s actions on busting was even newsworthy was called into question by a number of players, as exemplified by the following tweet replies.

While that school of thought was echoed by many, another line of thinking centers around the premise that Loeliger’s behavior is all part of building her Poker Bunny brand – the rabbit ears prop worn during HCL cash games included.

There’s another side to the PokerNews article that has also upset more than a few people. The article makes mention of Poker Bunny’s not-so-fantastic results on the felt.

Those results have tongues wagging as to how Poker Bunny may be paying back her stakers. While the article didn’t come right out and say it – it was more of a hint – rumors have been circulating that sexual favors are involved.

“I’ve used my sexuality to get ahead in poker, just not to get buy-ins,” Poker Bunny was quoted as saying in a recent interview. Judge for yourself if PokerNews took things a bit too far. The tweet and article are below:

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