PokerStars WCOOP Victimized by DDoS Attack, Events Rescheduled

PokerStars WCOOP Victimized by DDoS Attack, Events Rescheduled

28 Sep

One of the busiest and most exciting Sundays of the year at PokerStars turned into disappointment and frustration for many players when the poker site was hit with a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

The outage put the kibosh on a slew of tournaments on Sept. 26, including half a dozen World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Main Events. PokerStars has rescheduled the WCOOP tournaments for the weekend of Nov. 5, intent on crowning champions for its flagship online poker festival.

DDoS Doom

DDoS attacks have become a somewhat common occurrence at major poker sites in recent years. The official statement from PokerStars described a DDoS attack as being when “a series of bots attempt to flood a website with requests and traffic …. pushing out legitimate users.”

Players can take some solace in the fact that a DDoS attack is not a breach. All player accounts and information remains safe and secure, PokerStars assured its customers, and also offered sincere apologies for the disruption of service.

While that may be fine and dandy, and of course such an attack isn’t the fault of the poker site, it didn’t prevent some players from voicing their displeasure on social media:

PokerStars had an answer for that disgruntled player via their official statement on the DDoS attack:

“Unfortunately, such events are a constant threat to every company operating online and we are no different. These attacks mostly go unnoticed by customers because of the investment we have made in our security systems and the layers of protection we have in place to successfully repel them.” PokerStars also indicated that players affected by the service disruption will be properly compensated according to the rules in place for doing so. That includes players competing in the Monthly Poker Challenges.

One final note for players in the southern Europe region, the Galactic Series Main Event that was canceled due to the outage will not be rescheduled. Instead, another Sunday Million will take place on Nov. 6.

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