Police in Scotland Filmed Playing Strip Poker

Police in Scotland Filmed Playing Strip Poker

10 Dec

Detectives in Scotland have launched a criminal investigation after a video of serving police officers purportedly playing strip poker went viral on the internet.

The incident took place in Campbellton, Argyll, on 22 November. The clip was extensively shared on social media platforms resulting in a tremendous deal of shame for both Police Scotland and the officers involved. The footage showed three male officers and one female cop inside a private flat recorded from another property across the street.

According to those who videotaped it, the officers allegedly performed ‘sex acts.’ They supposedly played the strip poker game after getting drunk.

“It’s a very small, tight-knit town everyone is talking about the video. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t seen it. This is the kind of place where everyone knows each other,” a reliable source stated.

Even though most people will find the clip amusing, the individual who filmed and posted the video should be concerned; they will almost certainly face at least two charges when the matter goes to court. Disclosure of an intimate photograph or film is a crime under Section 1 (2) of the Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm (Scotland) Act 2016. In addition, recording individuals in intimate settings without their consent is a criminal offense under Sections 9(1) and (4) of the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009.

The fact is what happens between consenting adults behind closed doors should not concern anyone. Nonetheless, you’d think police officers would not be so naive as to get caught playing strip poker by the public.

Police Scotland was compelled to respond, and Police Scotland’s spokesperson issued a statement:

“We are aware of reports of mobile phone footage being shared online; inquiries are at an early stage,” stated the spokeswoman. This incident is humiliating and casts doubt about the level of competence and intelligence of those who are supposed to be law enforcement officers.

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