Poll Finds U.S. Customers Prefer Offshore Sportsbooks

Poll Finds U.S. Customers Prefer Offshore Sportsbooks

November 20, 2021

In a recent poll we conducted by sending an email blast directly to our subscribers, we found that a majority of people who have played at both offshore sportsbooks as well as the newly launched state licensed sportsbooks, actually prefer the offshore option.

We have put the results in pie graph format which you can see below.

Results were collected between 11/13/21 – 11/20/21

The results looks like this:

Customers prefer offshore vs in-state sportsbooks

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The reasoning seems to be pretty straight forward and multi-faceted. Here are the number one reasons given as to why people like their offshore better than in-state:

  1. Financial Options are Better – Offshores accept a myriad of cryptocurrencies as well as money order, ACH and credit card. State licensed books are struggling to make it work with Paypal, Venmo and direct bank log-ins, all of which routinely deny attempts to deposit because they are confused about legalities.
  2. Customer Service Hours  – Many online offshore sportsbooks have 24-7 customer service. This means you can work on building your bankroll at any time of the day. In-state books typically are closed by 11 PM.
  3. Fastest Payouts – Offshores have been doing this a very long time. In the case of BetUS.com, for example, they have been at this business for over 25+ years. They have worked out the kinks long ago and they know what customers want. People want to be paid the same day. In-state books are averaging 3-5 business days.

Will They Catch Up?

Possibly. As demand in the sector grows and more competition exists, the in-state books may need to up their game. This would entail them adding same-day payouts, more deposit/withdrawal options as well as 24-7 customer support.

If these in-state books were offshore and not backed by large corporations they simply wouldn’t survive or at the least be very profitable. They would be left in the dust by the very capable sportsbooks which already exist.