Popular Twitch Streamer “Trainwreck” Hits $1.5 Million World Cup Parlay

29 Nov

Correctly picking the results of four World Cup matches resulted in a $1.5 million payday for Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam, a popular slots player and high stakes sports bettor who has a massive following on Twitch.

The matches were played on Nov. 22 and included two draws, as the Denmark vs. Tunisia and Mexico vs. Poland contests both ended in scoreless ties. Trainwreck successfully called both of those outcomes, as well as Saudi Arabia upsetting Argentina.

Niknam could have cashed out following those three World Cup games and his $25,651 bet in bitcoin would have pulled in roughly $1.3 million. But he let it ride on his parlay picks, needing France to outplay Australia to scoop another $200,000.

The Frenchmen nailed a 4-1 victory, completing Trainwreck’s parlay and his huge score.

Taking another shot at a million-dollar payday on World Cup wagering a few days later didn’t end nearly as well for Trainwreck. He got two of the four matches correct when Iran defeated Wales and Senegal downed Qatar on their home field.

But draws between Ecuador vs. Netherlands and England vs. USA resulted in a losing ticket when Niknam picked Ecuador and England to win their respective matches. The popular streamer claims to always be transparent about his gambling losses, and a number of those losses have been for very large sums.

Trainwreck has over two million followers on Twitch, but his highstakes betting exploits have been hampered by that gaming platform’s recent decision to ban unregulated casinos.

Undeterred, Trainwreck is making moves to create his own streaming platform. All of the details have yet to be announced, but it looks like Dec. 1 is the target date.

Trainwreck has been updating his followers via Twitter regarding his new streaming plans. Take a look:

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