Pot Awarded to Wrong Player in GGPoker ,000,000 GTD Tournament

Pot Awarded to Wrong Player in GGPoker $1,000,000 GTD Tournament

06 Jul

Poker players have moaned about the quality of software as long as online poker has been around. In the early days bugs were prevalent but at least we could guarantee that the pot would end up in the hands of the rightful winner.

Now it seems we can’t even manage that after 25 years of software development.

Embarrassing Glitch on GGPoker

Last week, in the $10,300 buy-in Super High Roller on GGPoker, both players and the rail were stunned to see a pot awarded to the wrong player.

Blinds were at 3,000/6,000 and Tom “Tom_Poker_NL” Talboom raised to 12,600 with pocket tens. Simon Mattsson jammed for 205,760 and Talboom called for the 141,513 he had left behind.

The board ran out Ks 6d Kc 7c 5c with Mattsson’s pocket queens clearly the rightful winner. But then, inexplicably, the virtual chips slid in the direction of Talboom!

Tournament star Benjamin “bencb789” Rolle was quick to grab a screenshot and post it to his Twitter followers.

🧐 pic.twitter.com/vzphbUnsGG

— bencb (@bencb789) June 27, 2022

As you might expect, the responses were mostly of disbelief that this could happen today.

Whoa, isn’t this kinda a big fcking deal for GG and online poker reputations in general? Is this being talked about more, I’d love to see what others are saying

— _ (@Dracko_307) June 27, 2022

GGPoker were quick to respond to this embarrassing glitch and explained that a conditional bug caused the client to misidentify which game was being played. They added that the issue has been fixed and all affected players refunded.

“There was a conditional bug that made the system recognize the game as Flip&Go, and discard one card. We have fixed this bug, and refunded all such cases.”

Joker Appear on Flop at Golden Nugget Las Vegas

It’s not just online poker that is vulnerable to bugs, it seems. After GGPoker was embarrassed in a $1 million GTD tournament the $1,100 PokerNews Cup, also $1 million guaranteed, fell victim to a mishap of its own.

On Day 2 of the event, two players were all-in pre-flop and waiting to see their fate when the dealer flipped over the three cards to reveal 2h Joker 9d.

Check out the video below, recorded by a player at the table:

A similar thing could have happened at the 2022 WSOP when a dealer reported a missing card only for the floor spot that it was still in the rack and who then saw that the jokers had not been removed from the pack. Schoolboy errors!

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