Pronet Gaming Ready to Ride the Industry Growth Wave in Asia

Pronet Gaming Ready to Ride the Industry Growth Wave in Asia

In Summary:

  • Pronet Gaming is ready to enter new gaming markets in Asia
  • The company’s fast expansion in the past year and a half made the new plans possible
  • The supplier is ready to offer custom products to local brands

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A few months after its director of sportsbook and trading explained the importance of the African Cup of Nations for stakeholders and one year after announcing its partnership with Vibra Gaming for Latin America, Pronet Gaming is ready for new challenges. The company has announced it is ready to start harnessing the current growth wave that the gaming industry in Asia has been riding on recently. The expansion plans were made possible by the excellent results recorded by Pronet Gaming in the last year and a half.  

Expansion Plans in Asia Possible “Sooner Rather Than Later”

The company’s chief executive officer Alex Leese spoke about the fact that their entry into the Asian gaming market was “always in the plan”. However, the supplier needed to make sure that its products were up to par with its direct competitors in the region.

Leese explained that the company is able to follow through with its plans “sooner rather than later” thanks to its quick growth. The expansion helped the company get the needed funds to make important investments in new IT personnel and brand new offices. The same growth helped Pronet Gaming start planning its foothold expansion in Asia.

Leese called the company’s “tremendous commercial success” a “testament” of its team’s hard work, while also mentioning the “universal appeal” of its offerings. Pronet’s affordable and fully-customizable gaming products are expected to appeal to operators in the Asian market as well. 

What Can Asian Operators Expect?

While Asia might not currently present the same degree of stability as shown by European or American markets, Pronet still hopes to take advantage of the momentum shown by the market. Brands in the region choosing to partner with Pronet can expect to provide their customers with fully customized and localized gaming products, along with a “genuine point of difference” when compared to their competitors. Pronet has already started to look for market specialists in the region through a massive recruitment program that will cover all fields. The list includes marketing, sales, IT support,  account management, and development.

The full turnkey platform expert launched a series of pioneer products including FastBet. The tool is used to optimize players’ gaming experiences by wagering several single bets across a number of different sports with a single click of a single button. Pronet Gaming is also known for creating widgets like Popular Bets and Popular Events that show all wagers and the most popular sports in a certain jurisdiction. The information is refreshed every five minutes.