Ramiro Petrone Wins Second GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title

Ramiro Petrone Wins Second GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title

Ramiro Petrone captured his second GGPoker Super MILLON$ title exactly one year after bagging his first. Petrone’s first Super MILLION$ win came with a $267,285 prize, this second victory came with a payout weighing in at $339,445. The Uruguayan denied Artur Martirosian what would have been a record sixth victory in GGPoker’s weekly $10,300 high roller event.

GGPoker Super MILLION$ Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Ramiro Petrone Uruguay $339,445
2 Artur Martirosian Mexico $266,153
3 Rodrigo Selouan Brazil $208,687
4 Serggey9591 Russia $163,628
5 Rayan “Beriuzy” Chamas Canada $128,298
6 Andras Nemeth Austria $100,596
7 Mark Radoja Mexico $78,876
8 Christian Rudolph Austria $61,845
9 David Coleman Canada $48,492

David Coleman‘s time at the final table was limited because he was the first player heading to the rail, around 40-minutes after the final table’s action commenced. Petrone raised to 126,000 during the 30,000/60,000/7,500a level, and Coleman defended his big blind with a call. Coleman check-called a 90,000 bet on the deuce-trey-deuce flop, which showed two diamonds. The turn was the ten of diamonds, and Coleman check-called a 127,080 vet. The seven of diamonds river saw Coleman check then call off his 503,448 stack when Petrone set him all-in. Coleman showed eight-sox of diamonds, but Petrone had him beaten with his pocket kings, with the king of diamonds.

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Start of the day short stack Christian Rudolph was the next player heading out of the door. Rudolph raised to 360,000, leaving himself 2.5 big blinds behind, with king-queen before calling off his stack when Rodrigo Selouan three-bet with pocket jacks. The jacks held and suddenly the final table had lost two players over the course of a couple of hands.

Seventh place and the final five-figure score of the evening went to Mark Radoja. The action folded to Andras Nemeth in the small blind and he open-shoved with what turned out to be ace-queen. Radoja called off his last nine big blinds with the inferior ace-trey and couldn’t get there.

Despite winning Radoja’s stack, Nemeth was the next player finding himself spectating the Super MILLION$ final table instead of competing in it. Where ace-queen was good for Nemeth in his elimination of Radoja, it lost to the dominated ace-nine in Martirosian’s hand courtesy of a mine on the flop.

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Rayan “Beriuzy” Chamas of Team GGPoker fame, saw his tournament end in a fifth-place finish worth $128,298. Chamas had managed to double through Martirosian then Petrone, but it was not a case of third time’s a charm. Chamas got aggressive with ace-five of hearts, and ultimately found his 17 big blind stack into the middle against Martirosian’s pocket queens. Chamas spiked an ace, but Martirosian flopped a set to bust Chamas and send his stack north of 12 million chips.

Four-handed play ended when “Serggey9591” crashed out in unfortunate circumstances. Serggey9591 open-shoved fo ten big blinds from the small blind with king-four, and Petrone snap-called with pocket aces, which held to reduce the player count by one.

Heads-up was set a short time later when Selouan bowed out in third. Selouan’s ace-king was better than the queen-jack of Petrone preflop, on the ace-high flop, and on the king turn. However, a ten on the river gifted Petrone a Broadway straight and Selouan simply could not fold for a less-than-pot-sized bet.

Martirosian had more than 11.2 million chips compared to the 5.4 million of Petrone. Petrone won the first couple of meaningful pots before a cooler hand ended the tournament. All the chips went into the middle on the trey-eight-eight-king-deuce board, Martirosian with eight-six and Petrone holding nine-eight. Martirosian busted in second place, leaving Petrone to bag his second Super MILLION$ champion.