Rap Star “Casanova” Facing 60 Years in Prison after Gambling Dispute Shooting

Rap Star “Casanova” Facing 60 Years in Prison after Gambling Dispute Shooting

14 May

Rapper “Casanova” has admitted shooting a man over a gambling debt, the controversial recording artist now facing 5-60 years in prison after pleading guilty to narcotics and racketeering charges.

Recording artist gang leader pleads guilty to racketeering and narcotics trafficking conspiracieshttps://t.co/GTn4lTdloS

— US Attorney SDNY (@SDNYnews) May 11, 2022

The 35-year-old, real name Caswell Senior, was last seen on these pages back in 2018 after his friends were asked to leave the MGM National Harbor Casino’s poker room for falling asleep.

That resulted in the infamous rap star kicking off a tirade at floor staff, accusing them of being racist, and all captured in a YouTube video…

His latest problems, however, are significantly more serious after he admitted “participating in a shooting in Florida on July 5, 2020, a robbery in New York City on August 5, 2018, and conspiring to traffic over 100 kilograms of marijuana,” according to a Department of Justice (DOJ) press release.

The court heard that Brooklyn-born Caswell, who has recorded with the likes of Jay-Z and Chris Brown, had a leadership role in the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation Bloods Gang – known as “Gorilla Stone” – which operates in Westchester County, New York City, and Florida.

The Bloods gang were described as “particularly violent” by U.S. Attorney Damian Williams, who said:

“Like twelve of his co-defendants, Caswell Senior, an accomplished recording artist and performer, now stands convicted of playing a leadership role in Gorilla Stone. In addition to his supervisory role,” says Williams, Caswell was “an active, hands-on participant in the gang’s senseless violence, including a shooting in Miami and contributing to a robbery at a Manhattan diner.”

The Miami shooting was said to be linked to a gambling dispute, and Caswell admitted to discharging a firearm at an individual who “suffered serious bodily injury”.

“Casanova”, who has been in jail since December 2020, pled guilty to “one count of conspiring to conduct and participate in the conduct of the affairs of a criminal enterprise through a pattern of racketeering activity and one count of conspiring to distribute over 100 kilograms of marijuana.”

He now faces a mandatory 5-year minimum term, with the possibility of up to 60 years in prison when he is Judge Philip M. Halpern on December 6, 2022, at 11:00 a.m.

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